SPI Services Petroleum Instruments GmbH

SPI GmbH incorporates 25 years of experience in the field of laboratory analyzers, instruments and equipment.

Our expertise enables us to provide a package of business solutions to our customers. If the customer chooses his desired brand, we will supply it. If the customer informs us his process or technical requirements, we are able to propose him the best competitive instruments / analyzers that fulfil his technical requirements, thanks to our knowledge and experience.

Also, we had faced with increasing requests of our customers, who preferred to buy all their laboratory requirements from a selected number of reliable suppliers. Therefore we have specialized ourselves in supplying turn-key laboratories, from A to Z.

Rather than dealing with several manufacturers, our customers can buy all their laboratory needs from SPI GmbH. In this way they save time, bureaucracy and money. They can concentrate themselves on their more important daily issues and we do the rest for them, namely: technical evaluations, procurement and supply. It expedites and facilitates the process and saves a lot of our customer’s time and other resources.

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